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We are Civil Construction Management Code Certified, fully licensed and insured to meet all your drainage needs.

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With over 25 years experience in drainage, we have all the specialist tools and equipment to complete your job. 

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Blueline Technology

Blueline solves most problems with sewerage or stormwater systems, as it is the most versatile lining in the world. Designed to repair pipes under surfaces you don’t wish to destroy, this technology allows for structural repairs for any type of blocked, damaged or leaking pipe in diameters from 40 to 1500mm with minimal disruption to your property.


Our NuFlow Pipe Relining System

Pipe Relining

The Nuflow system can be installed on bends, junctions, traps, vertical or horizontal pipes all in one application. It can be stopped and started in sections of piping as required. The seamless liner prevents infiltration and exfiltration, restores structural integrity and eliminates joints that can weaken and allow root intrusion and ground waters penetration. We repair all pipes, from PVC to Earthenware and Copper to Concrete. Diameters from 40mm to 1500mm can be relined using the Nuflow method. Nuflow are the specialists in Lateral Connection Liners (LCL) for any type of junction. The Nuflow pipe reline and repair completely lines the whole junction in one hit. We can reline any type of pipe, diameter or length combination. From 45 or 90 degrees. The Nuflow process of cure-in-place, is the most versatile repair system in the world. Our product is guaranteed for 50 years. If you have a large, aged pipe network that is corroding, consider our newest technology that will completely seal your pipe from one end to the other with no pinhole leaks. Nuflow is the no dig, no mess, no fuss solution.



Before any relining takes place, the drains must first be inspected and surveyed. We use a pipe camera to identify and locate the cause of the problem. The drain is then cleared using high pressure water jets, once the blockage is cleared the pipe is then ready for the liner installation. 
Our liner is custom made from fabric that is impregnated with specially formulated two part epoxy resin that sets hard, becoming a structural repair, in a matter of hours allowing minimal disruption and inconvenience

Once the liner is tailor made and prepared, it is inserted into your drain via any opening in the drain. It is positioned in place with a camera and inflated, forcing the liner to take the shape of the pipe filling voids or cracks and lining over any damaged section. After a curing period, the internal bladder of the liner is removed, completing the process and making the drain ready for use immediately.


Repair Specialists

What can we repair?

Our services extend to all domestic and commercial repair work and includes:

  • Broken lines
  • Bends (45 & 90 degree)
  • Mis-aligned pipes
  • Reducers (LITS – changes in size)
  • P & S bend traps (steam lines, high temp & acid lines)
  • Produce pipe where there is no pipe
  • Y & T junctions (in any size combination)
  • Single Point Entry
  • DT Disconnector Traps
  • House Connections
  • Downpipes
  • Custom made pipe sizes
  • Pressure pipes
  • Any vertical, horizontal or sloped pipe
  • Voids (sections of pipes completely missing)

We Offer All Your Drainage Solutions

We are North East Victoria’s preferred Drainflow Solution specialists covering a range of services for homes, shops, factories, commercial and industrial properties.

Drain Cleaning

From CCTV drain inspection to high pressure cleaning. Storm water cleaning, sewer cleaning, culvert cleaning, electrical conduits, septic tank pipes.


We are capable of panning, rotating and zooming on every area of the inside of a pipe. Waste water, storm pipes, leak detection, wells & culverts, mainline & manholes.


Pot holing, trenching, non invasive excavation, service location, jetting & piping lancing, vacuum loading (both wet & dry material), regular pumping.

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