Hydro Excavation

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We offer a full range of vacuum excavation services, drain cleaning and underground location services for all your needs.

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Hydro Excavation

Our Hydro Excavation Services

Vacuum Excavating

Hydro Excavation – what is it?

It is a form of non-destructive digging or excavation which is broken down into 2 steps. In the first step a jetting rod is used at high pressure (using water) at the surface level in order to break down the type of surface, be it clay, mud, dirt, grass or a hard compound surface. In the second step, a high volume suction vacuum is used to extract the water and compound surface that was broken apart in step 1.

Why Use Hydro Excavation?

Hydro Excavation is a great way to excavate due to how safe and reliable it is, traditional excavation can be very dangerous particularly when working close to mains power, sewage, telecommunication and fibre optic lines. We’ve all heard on the news about an excavator driver hitting telecommunication lines causing a mass outage and this is where Hydro Excavation shines. Not only should every operator Dial Before You Dig (1100) to ensure that there are no, known services in the location, but using Hydro Excavation to excavate an area gives it the flexibility to work around and expose services without any damage what so ever.

What Is Hydro Excavation Used For?

  • Confined Digging
  • Utility Service Repairs
  • Mains or Service Exposure
  • Under Excavation (Under object or structure)
  • Tight Space Works Where Excavators can’t get too
  • Debris Removal via suction
  • Trenching
  • Potholing
  • Remote Excavation
  • Tree Roots

Licensed & Insured

We are Civil Construction Management Code Certified, fully licensed and insured to meet all your Hydro Excavtion needs.

Hydro Excavation Pros

Our vacuum units have all the specialist tools required to allow us to use a range of techniques to complete your job. 

Our Team

Our team is a highly qualified, professional group who pride itself on providing the best service to our clients across many sectors.

Other Services We Offer Include:

Pipe Relining

Blueline solves most problems with sewerage or stormwater systems, as it is the most versatile lining in the world.

Drain Cleaning

Overflow of dirty or contaminated water due to a blocked drain through your house of place of business is just one of many issues that can be prevented.

CCTV Inspection

By using our CCTV to perform a drain inspection it means we know what we are dealing with and can fix the problem efficiently.

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