The CCTV footage is captured by our specially purposed software. A full coded report can be supplied using the Water Services Association of Australia, Conduit Inspection Reporting Code. This is completed by a qualified operator.


Sometimes the client may only wish to locate a junction, connection or pipe fault without the full report. It is an easy and cost-effective process to simply drive to the fault, take a photo and print on site. The buried defect can then be located.

A Google maps overlay can be supplied showing all section inspections with directions of inspection.

  • Wincan Reporting system used in conjunction with WSA05 2006 Conduit Inspection Reporting Code of Australia.
  • Report generated by a qualified operator.
  • All files supplied on USB storage device. Includes PDF, Video files and photos.
  • Reports can be printed onsite as shown below.
  • Photos can be printed onsite as shown.

To view an example of the Wincan CCTV Report please click below: 

CCTV Report 

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